Some news from the Dung kandang…

The New Album:

On Sunday (January 27th), we again went through the process of mixing all the nine tracks recorded for our new album (all recorded in June 2007!). Actually this is the third time we mixed it. I was never happy with them, and I believe that’s why we have never released the album proper. I’ve been dragging me feet all this while.

So Alak, Bullet and me (along with friends Ahmad, and Seed who joined us briefly) took a final look at the previous mix and decided to re-level the tracks – we pulled up the snare sound and the bass guitar, open up Alak’s vocals a bit more, clean-up the backing vocals etc. All of this was done at The Ricecooker Shop on Bullet’s MacBook Pro and a pair of studio monitors. Today’s technology is really a far, far cry from the days when we recorded our first song in 1993.

Now, I think the whole project sounds much, much better; brighter, roomier and punchier, and at last, I am quite happy with the results. Today, we will sent the tracks to our friend Lasse in Sweden to tweak and master it. Hopefully in a month’s time we will start the process of putting the album out!


Our drummer Bullet was hit by a double whammy recently. First, his right arm was in pain. mostly from muscle-strain (hopefully) and last week he was hit with chicken-pox! Yup, a middle-age man with chicken-pox is rather rare but it happened.

The pox is now gone but the arm muscle-strain persisted. Thus, we have been declining a few gigs offered to us recently. Bullet would need more a month rest and treatment before he can drum again. Sorry to the promoter friends who have been asking us to join their gigs. Hopefully things will go back to normal by this time in February.

Java TUA again?

We are in the midst of planning for another Java tour this coming May. If everything goes well, we’ll be in Jogja for the SEA DIY Fest we are organising with our friends there and after that we’ll go on a trip playing Semarang, Malang and more places until we reach Bali.

Before we board the plane we’ll have a split-CD with Krass Kepala, recorded specially for the tour. This means we need to brush up on our new songs very soon and record them ASAP!


I got a call from our ex-singer Lee from Adelaide last week and he wants the band to go and play Australia next year, with him singing and our ex-guitarist Pari joining in. That sounds exciting to us all but hell! that means the band will grow from five guys to SEVEN!

Anyway, we are now talking about it. No decision is made but we have more than a year to plan ahead. So you never know…

Okay, you have a good day! Gong Xi Fa Cai!!


Joe Kidd


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