DUNG joined an Indian Ocean compilation series, Maudit Tangue #5

Maudit Tangue #5 CD cover

We contributed a yet-unreleased track on this stupendous double CD compilation – it features 29 bands from allover the world, with a large number of them punk bands based in the tiny Réunion Island (floating out there in the massive Indian Ocean, dwarfed by their huge neighbor Madagascar).

the comp was put out in mid-October 2019. Our song included in there is the last track we recorded at our now kaput Kerbauworks Studio, it’s called “The Gibran Song” – it was supposed to be a part of a split-7″ with a Singaporean supergroup but that project fizzled out somehow. It may however be pressed on a 7″ as soon as we get our act together.

thanks to Réunion Island’s punk rock activists Manu, and the band Tukatukas. hopefully one day we’d have enough moolah to visit and play over there, thanks for the invite!

the back cover of the CD

more details of the release at discogs.com:

the label Maudit Tangue’s post on their Facebook site on October 16, 2019:

The new Maudit Tangue #5 compilation is officially out! Double-CD, with THEE ORLANDO’S, Kilkil, Pamplemousse, Pluto Crevé, Papang, Tukatukas, Riske Zero, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, golgot VR, Catch-22, 608ZZ, Rocuar Palace, The Uncool, Minibard Saison 6 – A (Réunion); Make-Overs, Black Lung Band, MOUSE, The Medicine Dolls, Julia Robert, Deadly Bites, The Slashdogs (South Africa); MY VEINS (Madagascar), Powerslide (Kenya); Punk On Toast (India), Carburetor Dung (Malaysia); Last Quokka, Zerodent, NEW TALK, Sobaka (Australia)

A massive thank you to our partners Rhubarb Records, Mass Prod, Kabardock, PRMA Réunion, Région Réunion and to Hippolyte for the cover artwork.

If you want a copy? send us a message, we ship worldwide. In Reunion you can get it also at Fnac Réunion , in France with Mass Prod and in Australia with Rhubarb Records.

check out their other releases: https://maudittangue.bandcamp.com
contact Maudit Tangue here: postmaster@ravinedessables.fr

Joe Kidd


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