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UPDATE: both gigs reported below, didn’t happen.

We’ve been contacted by Jay (Free Love) about a possible gig in Alor Star in early September. That should be fun as we’ve never played there before. There’s also another gig brewing in Kuantan later this month, the first EP launch party for our friends’ band Kuchalana (our drummer Apuk plays in the band too) to be held at Cherating.

On other fronts, Bandung’s excellent thrashcore diy heroes Domestik Doktrin has decided to cover our old song Wide Awake (from The Allure of Manure mini-LP) for their new album. The band is also touring here and Singapore in July.

On the new album front, we are hit by a lot of time-management problems to start recording but we’ve decided to add a few more songs to the project. Without being too optimistic, I hope to record somewhere in July.

Joe Kidd


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