Hanturaya Putrajaya Free Download…

UPDATE: July 9th 2010

Just checked the file host page again… There has been 9855 downloads of the song… thanks!!


Back in mid September last year we put up an unmixed version of Hanturaya Putrajaya for people to download.

This is basically a response to several arrests made by the government under the Internal Security Act. I posted it on the Ricecooker site with a streaming version and also the lyrics. Go here to see the article: Hanturaya Putrajaya Mengamuk Lagi!

Just now, I decided to check the download link for the first time in months and apparently there have been 6370 downloads!

To those who haven’t downloaded the song, it’s still available here: Hanturaya Putrajaya – Download Gratis!

Thanks to those who downloaded the tune! Now go support the Anti-ISA campaigns!!

Joe Kidd


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