2014: Tales Of The Insomniac Raksaksa compilation tape
(Teenage Head Records/Radio Raksasa)

insomniac-tape-croppedA special compilation tape celebrating 2014’s International Cassette Store Day. We contributed “Ugly, Ugly, Ugly”, the same track which was featured on Radio Demokratika CD compilation released 2011; this is the first time that song appears on a cassette format. Other bands are NICE STUPID PLAYGROUND, ASTREAL, THE ODDFELLOWS, AZMYL YUNOR, THE FRIDAYS, COUPLE, MAHARAJAH COMMISSION, KELADAK, FERNS, MYSTERY TAPES, THE PANDA HEAD CURRY?, SWAMPY ZOMBIE FEVER, FREE DESERTERS, CIVIL DISORDER, RADIO GRAVITY LAME POST, EVERT, THE DRIVES and SUNDAY WORKERS.

Only 100 cassettes were made.
contact: teenageheadrecords@gmail.com.


2011/2012: Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″ & CD-Box
(FAMED Records, Berlin & Ricecooker Recordings)

dung-inginku-rejam-cover-150pxDUNG’s third proper release featuring eight songs on the 10″ released by Berlin-based label F.A.M.E.D Records and nine songs on the CD, released by our very own Ricecooker Recordings.

The 10″ was released proper on 13th December 2011 in Germany. It came in three different choices of vinyl-colors; white, orange and marble (orange/white swirl). 600 copies were pressed. It was sold at 14 Euro post-paid a piece.

The CD came a bit later, 24th March 2012. It came in a specially-designed box and featured an A2 poster, a silk-screened patch and a vinyl sticker. It was sold at RM25. 1,000 were pressed.

Both the CD & the 10″ are available, do contact us to order.


2011: Mabukkuasa – Split-CD with Millions Dead Cops (MDC) and The Bollocks (SBS Records & Jerk-Off Records)

A 3-Way Split-CD released 1st October 2011 in the US. Also features our guitarist Tom’s other band THE BOLLOCKS.

Features two UNMASTERED tracks which later appeared on Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″ & CD release, one track from the Radio Malaya comp CD and a track (again UNMASTERED) taken from 2005 compilation CD-R The Dude Puked on My Lap.

Songs featured: Mata Buta & Hanturaya Putrajaya (UNMASTERED), Mari Nyanyi Menjilat (from Radio Malaya comp) and Johnny (from The Dude Puked on My Lap CD-R)

RM15 at shop / by hand / at gigs


2011: Radio Demokratika Compilation CD (Bar Council)

A compilation specially recorded and released as a part of the campaign for the awareness of our constitutional rights in Malaysia; a projek by MyConstitution, a group under the Malaysian Bar Council.

Features a re-working of THE SHITWORKERS song Ugly, Ugly Ugly with an extra verse added. One song each by bands such as MAHARAJAH COMMISSION, AZMYL YUNOR, and many more.

*recorded and produced by Joe and Bullet. sleeve design by joe. professionally mastered at Mastering One.

RM35 at shop / by hand / at gigs


2010: Underground Asia CD (Love From Hate / Delusion of Terror – Philippines)

Another compilation stuck with a bad version of Macam Celaka. Features bands from all over the greater Asia map: VIVISICK (Japan), SMZB (China), LOW FAT (THAILAND), THE SCUDS (Singapore), MONDO GECKO (Israel), CAPTAIN BOOTBOIS (Korea), THROUGH SUNKEN EYES (Bahrain), BB BOMB (Taiwan), OVERKILL FOR PROFIT (Azerbaijan), FAKING IT (Egypt), BRIDGED (Hong Kong), DETOX (Lebanon), DISTRESS (Russia), SENTENCED TO BURN (Brunei), TAMPON (Turkey), CREATIVE WASTE (Saudi Arabia), PUBLIC REFUSE (UAE), STRAIGHT ANSWER (Indonesia), RAI KO RIS (Nepal) & ISTUKAS OVER DISNEYLAND (Philippines)

RM15 at shop / by hand / at gigs
USD7 Postpaid – PayPal (ricecooking@gmail.com)


2009: Do The Independence / And Bridge Build Burn By Yourself 1xDVD + 4xCD-Rs Box Set (Blidge Build Burn Corporation – Japan)

A crazy compilation featuring more than 200 songs by so many bands/acts! DUNG appeared with a totally unmixed version of Macam Celaka & Aku Mau Jadi Anjing Mu.

It’s a box set in a big jewel-case featuring a silver disc DVD (which contains 203 songs but no video) and four CD-Rs (altogether featuring 60 tracks) plus printed, full-colour artwork, booklet and OBE card.

Among notable bands featured are Jad Fair, The Nightingales, The Cravats, Damage Digital etc.

Details: here



2006: Radio Malaya compilation CD and Audio Cassette (Bodysurf)

Features our song Mari Nyanyi Menjilat (Lets Sing Licking Arse Song), recorded at the Excellent Studio in Taman Tun with a new line-up of Bullet on drums and Yandsen (ex-Moxuan) on saxaphone & trumpet

Other bands involved; Muck, Sgt. Weener Arms, Missing Chapter, Bittersweet, Elisebelle Tears, Kuchalana, Lucy in the Loo, Custom Daisy, Free Love, Harmacy, Couple, Furniture, MUZE & Plague of Happiness. Released in late January 2006.

CD: RM 15 + RM 1 (postpaid) from:
Bodysurf Music, P.O BOX 585, 30670, IPOH, PERAK.
go here for more contact info: BodySurf Music details

Details of the CD: here

Lyrics to Mari Nyanyi Menjilat here



2005: The Dude Puked on My Lap – A Tribute to Hijrah AKA The Pilgrims CD-R

Carburetor Dung contributed a track called Johnny, which is taken from Hijrah’s 1990 demo tape called A Pilgrimage to Nowhere.

The compilation, featuring loads of bands active in Terengganu such as dully dog, inikah hidup, sleepy jeremy, etc., comes free with the 5th issue of Coalition fanzine.

info, lyrics & explanation

Send RM7 ppd or RM50 (for 10 copies) to:
fazri, b783 banggol limau, 21200 kuala terengganu.
contact: Nervous Records


2003.06: Non-Conformity Volume One CD (Knot Records)

3 songs (badly recorded at a 2002 rehearsal on a mini-disc) appeared on this compilation put out by Knot Records.

Features local bands; Freygyle (Taiping), Toxin 99% (Ipoh), Pusher (Kuala Pilah), Kuchalana (KL-based Terengganu boys), The Bollocks (old tracks from these Kuala Pilah pioneers), Life in Avenue (Taiping), Disaster Funhouse (Ipoh), In-A-Sense (Taiping), Angst (Cheras) and Reflection of Life (Taiping)


01. Toxin 99% – Freak
02. Disaster Funhouse – Loud & Clear
03. Freygyle – Mistery
04. Life In Avenue – Ecofacts
05. In-A-Sense – Why Did You Ride The Bike With Him??
06. Reflection Of Life – Thinking Of Mentality
07. Angst – Colors
08. The Bollocks – Politicians
09. Pusher – Sucktember
10. Carburetor Dung – Hollow Head
11. Kuchalana – No Reason
12. Toxin 99% – Redemption Song
13. Disaster Funhouse – Time For A Change
14. Freygyle – April Rose
15. Life In Avenue – Jet 2
16. In-A-Sense – Another Broken Song From The Moon
17. Reflection Of Life – Salt Lake City
18. Angst – No War
19. The Bollocks – Revolution
20. Pusher – Rich Kids On LSA
21. Carburetor Dung – Punk Panggang Sepinggan
22. Kuchalana – Brand Not Product
23. BONUS TRACK (Carburetor Dung – Potong Nama)

*note: the three songs by Carburetor Dung were recorded late 2002 just before Lee left to Adelaide. Line-Up: Lee – vocals, Joe – guitar/vocals, Fendi – bass and Penter (DEP) – drums; do note: Lee was learning the new songs, so he didn’t sing much on these tracks. very rough, raw live recording done with a mini-disc recorder at a jamming studio in Taman Tun. All the songs were later recorded proper for Inginku Rejam in 2007.

Knot Records website


2003: Smash Capitalism: We are Everywhere comp CD

A mysterious comp CD put out by a mysterious German label called Gipfelsturm Records which I found on the net as mp3 album.

Features Oppression, but we’ve never been notified by the label. Anyway, it’s a good comp featuring 30 tracks by 30 bands from allover the world, including the Philippines, Czechia, Nepal, etc.

more info on the comp

AVAILABLE? Not sure, but I can’t find the label on the net.


2000: Sheepfarming In Malaysia 7″ vinyl (Hideous Records)

4-song, 1000 copies, released in the UK February 2000 by Hideous Records, London.

(Note: sometimes turned up on distro lists allover the globe, google it here, who knows you may still be able to get the 7″ from one of the distros


1999: The Allure Of Manure mini-album Audio Cassette (AGE)

8-song mini-album released on May 29th 1999. Four of the songs here were rereleased on the Sheepfarming in Malaysia 7″ (see above).

Recorded at the Twin Studio by Bullet and released under Joe’s own label, AGE (Alternative Garage Entertainment). Roughly 4,000 copies were made and sold until the distributor closed shop a year later. CD and tape rerelease + extra tracks in the works

line-up: Fendi – bass, Joe – guitar, Lee – vocals & Ollie – drums

AGE RAGE003, cassettes-only


1998: Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchestee soundtrack CD & Audio Cassette (AGE)

the soundtrack to Hishamuddin Rais’ indie-film featuring Koffin Kanser, Damage Digital, The Republic Of Brickfields, Babushka, Eat Boiled Crow, The Swallows and three tracks by Carburetor Dung – released in Sept 1998.

Most of the bands were all staying at the same building in Brickfields when this was made! About 5,000 copies were pressed and sold, until the distributor closed shop.

When the movie was finally given the go-ahead by the authorities to be shown at the local cinemas in 2001, we made CD-R versions of the release and t-shirts, selling them to the people coming to see the movie at the cinema in Mid Valley. The money made was donated to the UBU funds. Hisham was at the time still serving the two-years sentence under ISA at Kamunting Prison.

Check the film’s website for details: Dari Jemapoh Ke Manchestee Official Website. There are 3 songs for download there!

AGE RAGE002 – CDs & cassettes


1995: 2 Docs & A Sister: Diminished Return / Carburetor Dung Split-Tape (Sound Action)

A split-tape released by South Africa’s Sound Action, ran by our friend Ernesto who came to Malaysia in the early 90s. Diminished Return was a South African punk band with a girl-singer. The 11 tracks by Dung were live recordings from 1994-1995.

Sound Action Records, South Africa SA20

We’ve lost touch with Ernesto for years. Anyone reading who has news on him should write to us. Some members of Diminished Returns are now playing in Three Chord Theory, website here

AVAILABILITY: Don’t think this is availble now. We have a copy stashed away. The details of the label:
Sound Action c/o Ernesto & Robert, 24 Sluysken Road, North SHore, Hout Bay 7800 South Africa


1993: Delirium Tremens Tapes: D.T NR:28

This is a popular series of obscure international punk compilation tapes made by Marko Orava in Sweden: Delirium Tremens site

Bands: Purgative klyster, Not enough hate, Crupp, Slemäters, Luskerman, Rastlös patient, AB Hjärntvätt, Tatuerade snutkukar (Sverige), M.D.M (England), Anarchy Punx (Nordirland), Genital mastication (Spanien), Carburetor Dung (Malaysia), Notoken (Ecuador), Radical noise (Turkiet), Olgoj chorchoj (Tjeckien), Collapse society (Japan), Leucopenia (Brasilien), Dilönis (Lettland), Dr Shitface (Irland), Pichismo (Ukraina), Noise waste, Ei eloonjääneitä (Finland).

Tracks by DUNG: Property Properly & Song For A Friend

*we are pretty sure the tracks are from the Songs For Friends album, but need to listen to the tape to confirm.

more details: HERE

AVAILABILITY. Not so sure if its still available but you can go to the Delirium Tremens site and ask Marko.

1993: Songs For Friends Audio Cassettes (VSP)

14-song debut album released in Sept 1993 by Valentine Sound Production.

Back in 1994 VSP told us that 9, 000 copies were sold, but the store manager for the company told us a different story. he told us that the figure was more like 12,000 copies. That doesn’t end there. The album was repressed again and again by the company through out the years since then, with not a single sen given to the band. We’ve seen pirated versions of the tape being sold at numerous shops, including with photostated sleeves and dubbed blank tapes.

VSP NE156 – initially cassettes only but rereleased in mid-1998 on CDs by VSP, which then closed down in mid-99

AVAILABILITY. It came to light in April 2006 that the album was repackaged on a double-CD with songs by The Pilgrims with the title “The Pilgrims Meet Carburetor Dung” by InterGlobal Music. This is done without consent nor knowledge of the band. Read more here


1992 – A Circle of Friends Comp (Asylum)

Our first ever recording, an early version of You’re A Problem, was recorded for this compilation but it never made the final release as we’ve already signed up to VSP by then.