Cruel Blue Van


Another day in Chow Kit Road
I walked alone looking at my toes
My hair was long and my jeans were torn
Bad vibes around and the smell was strong

Hot sun’s shining down
Those people looked with scorn
Don’t wanna be alone

A blind man, he’s crossing the road
Reached out my hand as something for him to hold
He flashed his badge and he told me, “son”
“You better come with me to the true blue van”

I’ve done nothing wrong
Please, please Mr. Bond
I’m not even stoned

They took me down to the Campbell Station
They looked so bored, no crime, no action
One flashed his stripes and he told me, “son”
“I’m gonna cut your hair, I’m gonna shave it bare”

Oh, no Mr. Bond
Long hair is nothing wrong
Please, please call my mom

Sweet mom came and I feel so glad
But then she said my hair is much too long
The Sargeant laughed and and he grabbed my neck
So that’s how my friends, I’m a skinhead now

Oh, no my girl no!
My hair it soon will grow
Please don’t leave me now

Long hair or short hair
You know there’s nothing there
What’s true is in your soul
Use your brain before it blows!

1993 – Carburetor Dung