Payday (Ode to CM ’88-’95)

PAYDAY (Ode to CM ’88-’95)

end of month has come
scratched my sign on the line
get in queue and cashed my money
bought a pack and two buns
wonder where my friends are right now
much too early for them
number 33’s on the run
blowing smoke all around

took a ride to chow kit road
browsed for hours at the bundle stalls
while the indons they looked so bored
on the lookout for the plainclothed cops

payday now
it’s getting late
pregnant skies on the way
rode a 12, went straight to CM
gotta see all my friends
gonna pay the ones that i owed
share a smoke and a joke
buy a round of hot teh tarik
just lepak there till late

central market, hey! here i come
no better place to hang around
the only scene where i belong
nothing beats the underground

© Carburetor Dung ’95