Johnny (Punk Not Death!)



Kassim Bin Selamat,
No 30, Sebelah Balairaya, Seberang Marang,
21600 Marang,

Hari Sabtu, 2hb Jun 1990

Tuan Johnny,

Per: Permohonan Menyertai Persatuan Musik Underground

Saya Kassim Selamat,
Ingin saya memohon,
Menjadi seorang,
Ahli Kelab Underground,

Stuff saya tak banyak,
Nanti saya kan cari,
Yang penting disini,
Nak join sekaki,

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,
Harapan kami tinggi,
Tolong, tolonglah kami
Harap hasrat kami, direstui!

(solo two verse)

Saya sudah lama,
Join pergi tengok gig,
Bila ada kaset,
Semuanya saya beli,

Wahai, Tuan Johnny,
Kami tidak mengerti,
Kenapa tak sediakan,
Borang ahli untuk kami?

Johnny, Johnny, Johnny,
Janganlah rip-off kami,
Tolong, tolonglah kami
Terima kasih,
Punk Not Death!

music: Hijrah 1987 / lyrics: Dung 2004



In all these years being involved in the local “underground” music scene, Joe & Fendi sometimes received letters from kids that were tragically absurd, and of course, amazingly funny!

These include letters written in an “official” manner, complete with the official letter formatting, applying to join the underground music scene. It is as if the scene is a registered body of association with the official membership and all that shit.

And of course, usually they will end the letter with the usual (and banal) “punk rock” slogans, i.e. “chaos”, “anarchy” etc.

This song features a complete, official letter from one hapless “scenester” sent to “Johnny”, telling how he has been to all the shows, bought all the tapes etc. but wonders why there’s no “underground music membership application forms” being given out at gigs!


The song was recorded for The Dude Puked On My Lap CD-R comp, featuring our then drummer Apuk doing excellent bluesy solos as the song leads out.

The original track by Hijrah (featuring the classic line-up of Lee, Abang, Hili & Mazuan) was a spontaneous affair with no actual lyrics, so we decided to do our own version with our own lyrics.