The Launch of CM Annexe: Pixs & Review


more pixs: Thanks to Kevin Lee.

We played earlier than sheduled and as a result a lot of our friends who came late missed the set. We played all the 5 songs as planned: Potong Nama, Hanturaya Putrajaya, Mata Buta, Macam Celaka & Mari Nyanyi Menjilat.

My guitar went outta tune midway through but I was too fired up to fix that! Anyway, Yandsen, Ah Tham & Aziz joined us for Menjilat and they continued on as we finished the song. However some kids started to ask us to play one more song. Zul Akta Angkasa asked for the Central Market anthem, Payday, but we didn’t rehearse the song so we did half of Boo Hoo, before the guitar gone completely dead!

It was a nice venue, about 90 feet long and 20 feet wide. The stage was about 3 inch high! Many people complained they can’t see us play due to the height. The sound system was alright, but Fendi complained my guitar was a bit too “thick sounding”, and not clear. Hmmm. We had good fun though.

Thanks to all who were there. We’ll post up some video clips later.

more pixs below:




Joe Kidd


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2 Responses

  1. Joe Kidd says:

    hey herman, kevin lee is a random stranger who took some pixs at the show. we don’t know who he is but we found the pixs on his site:

  2. Herman says:

    The Kevin Lee that you mentioned, did he live in South Africa for a while? Im looking for Kevin Lee who immigrated to Malaysia about 3 years ago, he’s originally from Hong Kong.

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