DUNG’s Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″ – The Design

Carburetor Dung - 10" Vinyl Punk Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam

As mentioned on my personal FB page; the artwork is now ready. The mock-up above is an update which includes the insert as well, which was all done and finalised yesterday.

The insert, a two-page thing (which would be nice if its printed on cards), features all the lyrics with translations and a bit of explanation on two of the songs. Translating the Malay lyrics to English is not much of a problem, well, some of them were done very quickly and pretty much rudimentary. The hard nut there is to make it easily understandable to those who don’t know Malay but also trying to have them rhyme (at least in some places!).

The real problem is how to translate the one and only English song (The Fine Line of Numb) to Malay and make it so that it can stand on its own, and also to have it rhyme?! There were a few words which stumped me, so I turned to Facebook and, as one friend mentioned it, “crowd-sourced” the translation. That was pretty effective; from all the feedback, I managed to string a translation together.

Here’s a peek:

The Fine Line of Numb is translated as “Garisan Halus Kelalian Nurani” – “lali” for “numb” and “nurani” for “conscience”; thus making it more concise; “The Fine Line of Being Conscientiously Numb”.

Here’s how it reads like in Malay:

Garis Halus Kelalian Nurani

Bertali-arus pelbagai alasan,
Mengajak berpaling, beredar pergi,
Gadaikan prinsip, harga diri; biar dilambung musim berganti,
Tiada lagi yang ada untuk kamu disini,
Sememangnya kerap berulang terjadi,
Hanyalah kelalian penyelamat diri

Ianya samar, ianya disini,
Garisan halus kelalian nurani!

Bungkus, simpan dan lupakan,
Mimpi idealisma semalam hancur, pupus,
Tinggalkan segalanya,
Ucapkan selamat tinggal dan pergi mampus!

Bungkus, simpan dan lupakan,
Berpalinglah dan pergi!
Tinggalkan segalanya,
Ucapkan selamat tinggal dan pergi mampus!

Kamu semua dengar sini,
Beratur, beratur, anak-anak gampang!
Patuhi segala perintah, dan semua akan selamat!
Selesakan dirimu! Dapatkan perkerjaan! Mulakan berkeluarga!
Bangunkan rumah, jadi sorang pelindung yang berjaya!
Berusahalah kamu mengaut kekayaan!
Berusahalah kamu mengaut kekayaan!
Lupakan mereka kaum yang marjinal, pergi mampus dengan mereka!
Mereka tu semuanya malas! Mari kita rampas segala hak mereka!
Mari kita kerat lidah mereka! Butakan semua!
Biarkan mereka tolol dan bisu! Terjang kesemuanya biar tersungkur!
Teruskan membingit! Teruskan membingit!

Tinggalkan jauh, berpalinglah dan lari!
Ucapkan selamat tinggal dan…

I think that works!



Joe Kidd


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