Sunday, 8th August 2010: Punk Fest @ Blackhole 212, Singapore


At last we are playing the much revered Singapore DIY Punk venue, BLACKHOLE 212, which is actually said to be closing down somewhere later this month. Another plus point is us playing with old friends OPPOSITION PARTY, Singapore’s oldest punk band still going! Joe and Bullet actually jammed with OP on-stage at Metallica Lounge, Pertama in KL back in 1990 – Joe sung two songs while Bullet played “weirdo” guitar with the then trio of Francis, Lee Piau and Mike!

Other bands are pretty awesome;

the write-up by Shaiful (Prohibited Projects):

8 August 2010 (Sunday)

CARBURETOR DUNG (Kuala Lumpur old punx!)
OPPOSITION PARTY (Singapore metal punk laujiao!)
APPARATUS (Scandi hardcore worship from Kuala Lumpur!)
DISKANGKUNG (JB disorderly!)
SKITSOFRENIA (total mangel from KL!)
ENAM JAHANAM (debut show; drunk hc punk oi!)
BLACK TERROR (stench metal punk!)
STATEMENT OF OUTRAGE (anarcho peace punkrock!)
REJECTED SCUMS (street punk kianat!)
EXKORIATOR (anarcho crust hc rippers!)

Joe Kidd


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