The “None Gets Out Alive” Sessions

Joe got back to KL late September and we decided to record an EP. Quite an ambitious project since we haven’t jammed for a long time! Anyway, we all gathered at The Greenhouse Studio where our guitarist Tom works as a sound-engineer late-evening Sunday 29th September and wrote a brand new song. Right there and then we straight-away recorded the basic tracks with Joe, Fendi and Bullet. As the night wore on, we decided to ditch writing more songs and just stick to the one captured.

The next night (Monday) we adjourned to our own studio KerbauWorks and had Alak recorded his vocals. The work continued the next Thursday when Joe came back to KL after briefly visiting his family in Terengganu and that night we again recorded Alak and also had our on/off saxophonist Yandsen putting in his contribution.

Round the afternoon of Friday the 4th October, Joe and Tom worked on getting Tom’s guitar parts in. After which we did a rough mix and sent to all the band members. The song is now done!

The song is titled “None Gets Out Alive”, it’s about the cyclic and endless striving embarked by all trapped in the rat-race; constantly in pursuit of trivial concerns, guided by skewed values which discarded personal liberty and empathy towards the other.

None Gets Out Alive!

Down in downer city,
Forsaken sons,
Pale daughters of misery,
Hidden from the sun

The sun, the sun
The sun, the sun


Runaround these sewers,
Ladders to nowhere,
Headless chickens in a vice,
Worshipping the one

The one, the one
The one, no one



Downer city 2x

Downer city 2x
No one gets out alive!

The recorded track is awaiting proper mixing. Once done we’ll make it available on-line.

Joe Kidd


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