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DUNG joined a digital compilation of bands in aid of Food Not Bombs – Myanmar.

We joined 25 international bands to help Myanmar’s chapter of Food Not Bombs, including other Malaysian bands APPARATUS & CRUST CAVE GENOCIDE. The song we put up for the benefit is Righteous Fukkks!

a statement from Death Pint Records who facilitated the release:

‘It’s no secret to a few of you, but others will not be aware that we have been working on a digital compilation of bands in aid of Food Not Bombs – Myanmar for the last few months. That compilation is now ready to go. All the bands involved donated a track for the album, and we have old names as well as new involved. It’s a blistering compilation of modern Punk Rock, with many tracks being unreleased, and it’s all in a good cause, with all money raised going direct to Food Not Bombs – Myanmar. A huge thank you to everyone who made this possible.’ – Facebook, 5th April 2021 

you could listen to all the tracks here:


a report on DIY Conspiracy:


another report, by the now defunct Melody Maker Magazine website:

Joe Kidd


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