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ImageA project by BodySurf Music which is currently still waiting for a song by us. We can’t record the tune yet as Fendi’s is now in Terengganu shooting an art project by our friends. We will do so once he’s back in KL and that maybe any day now.

This comp is an initiative by the BodySurf gang to document different sort of music and sub-genres of the local scene that comes from different areas, some DIY, some not-so-DIY, some inbetween etc. Musically there’ll be indie-rock, post-rock, indie-pop, screamo, reggae etc. I think Dung will be the only band offering straight-up punk rock on this.

Anyway, the other bands are: Muck, Sgt. Weener Arms, Missing Chapter, Bittersweet, Elisebelle Tears, Kuchalana, Lucy in the Loo, Custom Daisy, Free Love, Harmacy, Couple, Furniture, MUZE & Plague of Happiness.

Joe Kidd


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  1. mohd JAYzuan says:

    Joe, record la. Tak sabar nak rilis ni, ramai dah tanya.

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