Carburetor Dung was in an international Punk comp CD in 2003?

So yeah, I was doing my thing on the net and found this!

CD Title:……………Smash Capitalism: We are Everywhere
Label:………………..gipfelsturm records

01.Dreampolice * Denmark – Skating on thin ice
02.Inokentijs * Latvia – Vergi vergo
03.Desarme * Columbia – Puta Democracja
04.Tectonic * Romania – Arhaic
05.Malditos De Verde * Costa Rica – Muerte a las de verde
06.Fallas * Mexico – Vamos Hacia la vida
07.Lecsa Punk * Hungary – Erted
08.Bosta Rata * Brasil – Filhos
09.Sylvia and Izuas Cenlai * Lithuania – Nauja Viltrs mirusiai scenai
10.Quintrex Bop * Australia – Royalty sucks
11.Pazi Snajper * Czechia – Lez
12.Anarchy Jerks * China – Oi,oi,oi anarchy
13.Ciunas * Ireland – Unkown Track
14.B 612 * Panama – Yeimi
15.Shit in the Fan * Greece – Freddy crugeration
16.Imke * Estonia – Tere Perestroika
17.Sepia * Thailand – Donpheebin
18.Purgen * Russia – Moskwa Nje
19.Reciclase * Venezuela – Tirando mierda a la mierda
20.Motus * Croatia – Raz Like
21.Useless Id * Israel – is This right
22.Omited Grass Reaction * Portugal – my way
23.Carberator Dung * Malaysia – Unknown track
24.Desorden * Spain – Secuestro
25.Disturbio Menor * Chile – Sudamerica
26.Robotnik * Poland – Do Pana prezydenta
27.Screwheads * Philippines – Salot sa lipunan
28.Dios Ilostio * Peru – Mar De expiacion
29.Rai Ko Ris * Nepal – Uta
30.Ocmocos * Argentinia – Marcha de protesta

Description: This is a fantastic international compilation. If you like discovering new music this is definitely for you. We are everywhere!


Now, this is weird. I’ve never heard of this comp before! It’s pretty cool though, even featured our friends Rai Ko Ris. I bet they didn’t know about this too!!

okay, i’ve got the files and the song included by us was Oppression taken from the Allure of Manure mini-LP. Sounds not bad but the spelling should have been correct. Oh, well. Way too many people spelled our name wrongly, from “Carburator” to “Carburettor” and now “Carberator”!

Joe Kidd


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11 Responses

  1. Serg says:

    I’m not sure if Russia’s PURGEN heard about this compilation ))

    I don’t think it was released on cd or any other way.. There is no mention about it anywhere on internet.

    I’m pretty sure it was “online” release.. I know couple users from Soulseek who make “compilations” by just picking up some files they downloaded and putting them in one folder. And giving some loud name to the “compilation”..
    Anyone can do dozen of such “compilations” a day.

  2. elpato says:

    Sweet, thanks!

    I’ll send you an email when I get back (Tuesday), as I am going on tour for the weekend with friends of mine from Canada.

    You can check them out on

    Have a great weekend !!!

  3. Joe Kidd says:

    ok. do send us your address and we’ll send you something. nahh, we’ve never played outside of asia. been invited many times for europe but never had the time nor the money, we should start very soon, we’re not getting any younger. our friends Pisschrist played mexico recently tho.

  4. elpato says:

    No, I can’t say I had.

    I’ve only been in Mexico for 14 months now, and the scene is so big, it would be unlikely for me to meet him. If he brought some, there is a huge punk / metal / reggae / rock market every Saturday where they could easily have been sold.

    Have you guys ever played outside of Asia?

  5. Joe Kidd says:

    Yeah, I do believe it’s excellent to support international bands but there are so many of blogs doing that now only that they concentrate on old released and ignoring new ones.

    that said there are a lot of indie-rock blogs who would upload two songs and review new recordings. haven’t seen that with diy punk though.

    anyway, do you know of us before? our good friend from the UK, Ben Hideous used to visit mexico a lot and he put out our 7″ many years ago. he may have brought you guys a few copies?

    don’t be a stranger now!


    Joe Kidd

  6. elpato says:

    I have no idea, I had gotten it in MP3 format but can’t remember where originally found it.

    I love the idea however and am considering releasing a similar bootleg myself. Great way to promote bands on an international level, IMO.

    The fact that there is a label listed makes me think it may have been released, maybe in Germany, on CD.

    Was just checking your myspace, glad to see you’re still alive and kicking after so many years! Cheers from Mexico!

  7. Joe Kidd says:

    hey thanks elpato. i do wonder if it was a CD or just a collection of mp3s taken off the net. Not that it matters much though! ahaha!

  8. elpato says:

    Wow! I had originally posted that torrent all these ages ago.

    Fallas, from Mexico is actually called Fallas Del Sistema.

    A lot of great bands on this compilation. Cool to know you’re friends with Rai Ko Ris. I never expected to have a chance to hear Nepalese music before finding this 😀

  9. Hey Joe, sorry for not writing anymore, but I completely forgot these comments.

    if you can upload the mp3 from this comp, I would be very happy and thankful.

    The punk scene in Costa Rica is very small and weak, but there are several good bands like Savia (one of the best,, XpunkHa ( ), Teatromocracia ( ), Macbeth ( ), Bufonic ( ).

    Several big american punk and hardcore bands have played here, like Strung Out, Death By Stereo, Voodoo Glow Skulls, Evergreen Terrace and Pulley (next Saturday), among lots of underground bands.

    Please write me to my e-mail “gustavo [at] gmail [dot] com”, to get an alert and never forget this, heheh.


    – Tavo from Malditos de Verde

  10. Joe Kidd says:

    Hey Gustavo! Good to hear from you.

    Man, Costa Rica! Dang! Never had anyone writing from Costa Rica before.

    Anyway, yeah I do have the comp in mp3 format. I have to search my archives though. Once I find it I’ll zip it up and have it hosted somewhere for you to download.

    BTW; what’s happening in Costa Rica? Is there a punk scene? Can you tell us more?

    cheers from all of us here,

    The Dung

  11. Hello, This is Gustavo from the band Malditos de Verde. We’re from Costa Rica.

    I just googled “Malditos de Verde” and it brings me to your page. It seems that we were in this comp too!!! That’s really weird, we didn’t know that either. Do you have a copy of it? any way that we can find it?

    Greeting from the other side of the Earth!!!

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