Central Market 1992

An old pix I found in my archives. I remember I used to have this posted on the wall in my room in brickfields. It was there for quite a while so the picture is now quite battered with wear & tear.

Central Market 1992

This was taken in 1992, outside of Central Market, when the building was undergroing renovation so we hung out at the building in the back where they had Restoran Yusoof set-up for a while. Those people in the picture were members of Mutilation, Infectious Maggots, Spiral Kinetic Circus, Carburetor Dung, Sil-Khannaz, Flop Poppy, Silent Death & more with several cool heavy book-reading and thrash-metal-loving girls from Singapore who hung out with us at the time.

The guy lying down on the left, with jeans and white t-shirt, is Joe Mechanic, StormFish AKA Carburetor Dung’s first drummer. A friend of Fendi’s from Taiping.

Joe Kidd


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9 Responses

  1. nizang says:

    if u’re wearing flipflops to gigs while the rest of the kids are wearing boots/shoes…i dont recommend u to go in the mosh pit…i got 3 cuts from Conquest For Death show last sunday because of that 🙂

  2. aizu says:

    very nostalgic!

  3. duckaboom says:

    thanks joe kidd it’s very helpfull, if you have a free time can we set up an interview for fashion punk and how punk fashion develop in malaysian. how can i contact u? thank you very much….

  4. Joe Kidd says:

    go here: wiki punk fashion

    and here: punk fashion history

    Punks in Malaysia then and now followed/follows what happened/happening with punks in the “Western World”. There’s no “malaysian Punk” look. But when I was younger, and poor, we modify our own clothes, and make our own buttons, design our own t-shirt etc. Nowadays kids just go and buy at some shops.

    I guess the only almost-original punk statement, fashion wise, in Southeast Asia, is the wearing of flip-flops (selipar) instead of boots, sleeveless cut-out t-shirts or singlets instead of leather jackets and cut-off army-pants instead of jeans. but that’s now a norm in any tropical country, even parts of the US.

    But of course there are the “puritan” traditionalists who just wanna look like English Punks of the 80s and endure extreme heat and utter discomfort, just to look punk. I find that pretty tragic.

  5. duckaboom says:

    hallo, joe kidd,

    can u plz give your opinion about the music and fashion of punk?? we are making an analiysis about the fashion of punk.. and we want an oldtimer or a legend of punk.

  6. darkness says:

    ……and as u write, the whole world is still out there……

    ..but, for a moment…..

    ….it didn’t have you by the throat….


  7. darkness says:

    Goodness! U do remember me…Well, there’s just soooo many things to catch up with, so, till then, i’m looking forward to your emails…till then….ciao……


  8. Joe Kidd says:

    hey Rindy! this is a surprise. how long has it been? you must be the one sitting besides Nina, wearing white tee. I remember that while Nina, Ani & Lily were almost regulars in KL after this picture was shot, you did stop coming here. I have always wondered why, but lets discuss that via emails. I’ll write.

  9. darkness says:

    hi joe.this is rindy.remember me?-one of the girl from singapore who often came down to kl to visit the scene.i saw my pics in your blog-the one taken at central market back in 1992.i really miss u guys out there.good to know that all is still alive and well.

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