Wednesday, 1st May 2019 – Weekend Rockers, Festival Kolektif @ H.O.S. Kinta RiverWalk, Ipoh

Weekend Rockers, Festival Kolektif, Ipoh

Invited by our old friend Meor of MUCK, along with our friends from the very active local art collective GSI (Gerakan Seni Ipoh), DUNG decided to come out of hibernation and play this show; a one-day festival actually, featuring films, talks, independent book publishers, theater groups, music/zine booths and many bands we’ve never heard of (somehow not shown on the flyer).

The larger event which is housing this one-day gathering is FESTIVAL KOLEKTIF, a string of happenings which has been going on since April, and will continue till the year end. From what we heard there are about nine different collectives involved in the setting up and it’s a pretty huge undertaking.

We went on-stage at around 9pm, did a short setup (there was no soundcheck earlier) and played 13 songs. By the time we’ve finished it was past 10pm and the rest of the band needed to hurry up to the bus station. Joe stayed on in Ipoh for a few days and hung out. BTW, all of our 20 t-shirts made sold-out that night. Thanks to all who were responsible and all who were there.

DUNG – Ipoh Setlist

  1. Our Voice/The Flag
  2. Mata Buta
  3. Potong Nama Tutup Buku
  4. The Line
  5. Macam Celaka
  6. Yr Righteous Fukkk
  7. Mari Nyanyi Menjilat
  8. Hanturaya Putrajaya
  9. Ugly, Ugly, Ugly
  10. Gibran Song
  11. Happy
  12. Oppression
  13. Boo Hoo

Joe Kidd


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