Tuesday, 31st December 2002 – Nevermind Rock The World III, Here’s Unclogged XII! @ No Black Tie, KL

Last show with Lee, with Penter on drums.

Joe’s report on the show:


We had massive, massive fun at Unclogged XII last night. NBT rocked till about 4am! Thanks to all who were there, some people came all the way from Terengganu, Kuantan and Penang! Thank you!

There were 175 people who paid to come in and thus we made RM 1, 750.

RM 200 went to Man Bai, our celebrity soundman (who now works at NBT); RM 100 went to Yandsen for lending us the drums and two guitar amps, RM 40 went to Farez who once again proved to be the best door bitch around, while RM 210 went to the 7 persons who made up both Force Vomit & Tiramisu as their return bus fare to Singapore (both excellent, excellent bands!).

So that brought us down to RM 1200 to be split up equally between the organiser (moi) and 7 bands who played. So we all share RM 150 each.

Sorry for those who turned up for Muck, as I said before they had a gig in Ipoh on the same day along with 4 Elm Kids, etc. Salleh ben Joned also didn’t turn up as he was sick but his books were on sale (in fact, i still have 13 copies for you who want it)

A full report with pictures will be here soon. So those who used digital cameras that night, please send me zipped or stuffed folder/folders of the pictures for the website (all will be credited).

Thanks to Force Vomit, Tiramisu, Kamikaze 45, WindChime, Pusher, Maharajah Commission & Dem Dung Boys. Also to Evelyn (one round of free beer I heard!), Man Bai (who rapped, harp-ed and whatever during the jam afterwards), Yandsen, Farez, those who took pictures and also those who had vid-cam (send me footages!). One stout standing salute to Abrokol who jammed his heart (and head) out of control during the wee hours and the members of WindChime who stayed on to entertain the crowd.

thanks again, see you at the next Unclogged! and that should be in February 2003.



Joe’s announcement on our mailing list:

Nevermind Rock The World III, Here’s Unclogged XII!

Date: Tuesday, December 31st 2002 – NEW YEAR’S EVE!
Time: 9.00 pm till wee morning dew droppeth
Venue: No Black Tie, 27 Jln.Mesui, Off Jln.Nagasari (behind the Istana Hotel), Bukit Bintang, KL. tel: 03-21488110
Entrance: RM 10 as usual


FORCE VOMIT – You’ve seen them a-go-go-ed the house down a few moons ago, now they are back for more extremely powerful arse-wiggle. At the moment, this is the one and only band both you and your grandparents can pogo to.

go here for more: http://www.forcevomit.com/

KAMIKAZE 45 – I haven’t heard their new direction just yet but word has it, K45 is mixing their heavy crust roots with greasy, driving hard rock grooves. Picture Mob 47 meets AC/DC, well maybe. Features our Canadian import Flo and his friends from bands such as Mass Separation and Aghast.

MAHARAJAH COMMISSION – our own Rolling Stones-gone-free-forming-wrong! WIth their one-whole-dang-year-in-the-making debut album looming, MC is back with Azmyl Yunor and (gasp!) “proper songs”!

go here and download the songs!: http://yat.ch/mc/

TIRAMISU – A side-project of them barnstorming Singaporean cross-dressing, platform booted, nearly naked KYTV gang and I don’t know what to expect!

go here for details: http://www.kytv.info/

SALLEH BEN JONED – our uncelebrated “Angkasawan Negara” (as opposed to Karyawan Negara!) who dubbed himself as the one and only “Freelance Apostate”. The man promises his most “profane” poems for the night.

“If you are neutered (which is most of us) I would strongly recommend the wonderfully vulgar Salleh ben Joned. Let’s bring back joyous vulgarity intrinsic in the Malay language and Malay ethos. It is a ladder step to finding our balls again.” – Bala Pillai

His book, SAJAK SAJAK SALLEH/POEMS SACRED AND PROFANE is available from Silverfish Books, 67-1, Jalan Telawi Tiga, Bangsar Baru or go to http://www.silverfishbooks.com

Here’s a brief about the book: http://www.silverfishbooks.com/Silverfish/Version3/News/ newsarchdet.asp?ida

Read a mind blowing piece: http://members.tripod.com/Signs_Magazines/issue1/ religion_and_creative_freedom.htm

PUSHER – Shah Alam’s bass-popping, The Clash/Rancid/Op Ivy-influenced punk band. Fresh fruits for rotting vegetables, indeed!

MUCK – quietly excellent Ipoh indie-rock veterans, definitely old-school pre-grunge and Dino Jr restructuring work for those who misses the good old dirty slacker feel (before it became just another stylist buzzword that is).

here’s a brief: http://www.sound.co.jp/~grind/malaise/m/muck.html

WINDCHIME – another mystery band with a bit of a twist; traditional drums, bass and guitar line-up with a didgeridoo in tow! Surely not Mophine, I’m sure. Features a couple of Mass Separationistas and friends in the Subang DIY community.

CARBURETOR DUNG – Still flogging the pitifully dead horse to life, and yes, we haven’t rehearse but we will play! This will be our last show with our departing vocalist Lee. Expect a few very short Malay songs!

our site: http://dungpeople.sevcom.com/dung/index.html

NOTE: To all the band members reading this, do keep in mind that we have NINE acts for the night, so PLEASE keep your set to 20 minutes and no more. Yeah, it’s hard to stop when you’re all giddy and warmed up but hey!

There will be a jam session afterwards and that’s the time we all can just play our hearts out! For this, I hope people are a lot more prepared, so to those who wanna jam, go rehearse now! Selfish personal wish: Please, lemme hear some of The Clash’s nuggets!

NOTE 2: To some of you who wrote in and wanted to play and unfortunately unlisted here, I guest I’ve hurt your feelings once more, so here I am on my knees, apologising profusely. You will be playing at Unclogged one of these days,so do come around anyway, jam, yak, hang-out, hug your friends, get tipsy etc. etc. It’ll be a memorable show, I guarantee ya!

NOTE 3: For those who have good ample guitar amps and a drum set, please bring them along as No Black Tie’s drums and amps are rather poorly nowadays. Those who have them, please do contact me, maybe we can set aside a bit of money to pay you. We need two guitars amps and a drum set. The bass amp there is alright for use. If you’re planning to jam, do bring in your hand instruments, cause some band members leave early with their equipment, so sometime we don’t have enough to go around. Bring trumpets, saxophones, coconut-shells, words, poems, tirades, rants etc.

alrighty then, a flyer will be posted as soon as I can gerroff me arse!

I do hope you people can come, even after Rock The World III or whatever it is you wanna do for the new year’s eve.

with that, I’d to wish merry xmas and a very happy new year to all,

the unclogger,



Joe Kidd


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