6.2003 | VARIOUS: Non-Conformity Vol. 1 compilation tape

ImageKnot Records puts out Non-Conformity Volume One comp which features 3 rough and sloppy songs by Carburetor Dung. all new songs we wrote late last year and recorded with the line-up of Lee, Joe, Fendi and Panther. Very raw, fast and pissed-off stuff made more unlistenable by the straight to mini-disc recording!

Other bands featured: Freygyle (Taiping), Toxin 99% (Ipoh), Pusher (Kuala Pilah), Kuchalana (KL-based Terengganu boys), The Bollocks (old tracks from these Kuala Pilah pioneers), Life in Avenue (Taiping), Disaster Funhouse (Ipoh), In-A-Sense (Taiping), Angst (Cheras) & Reflection of Life (Taiping).

CD-only and yours for RM10 directly from Knot:

Knot Records website

Joe Kidd


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