Sunday, 30th May 1999 – Not An Ordinary Jazz Concert @ Lips Boom Boom, Kuantan

a gig flyer in kuantan, 1999

*flyer posted by AGHAST’s Bart on facebook, April 13th 2023. Thanks, Bart!

A gig which I’ve (Joe) totally forgot. Again, a reminder of how important is to have an archive of the scene. The post by Bart triggered several comments, and our vocalist at the time Lee, posted some more images (see below)

I think what happened was that we were supposed to be playing in Kuala Terengganu – which is our first time in Terengganu ever – and also launch the second album The Allure of Manure there. But our drummer Ollie was busy with something but he will try to be in KT as soon as he is able. So, on the way, we stopped over in Kuantan first to rehearse with Asma (DEP, and many more) as substitute drummer. It was quick jam, and Asma being a great drummer was able to play all the songs! In KT, Asma played for us while Ollie arrived at the venue about one hour after we’ve finished!

So yeah, after KT, we played this show in Kuantan.

Joe Kidd


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