Sunday, 27th February 2000: The Shitworkers @ Sangki Salai’s Sunday Afternoon Live @ LaViva Carnival Pub, KL

the flyer, as posted by our friend Shah (Shahruddin Ahmad Fuad) on Facebook, July 12th 2023)

this is supposed to be the third SHITWORKERS (Part II) show but we decided not to play because of a band deemed as too mainstream for our (then) DIY punk ideals, were also supposed to be playing. check out the explanation stated on the screen grab below.

*this show is actually totally forgotten for years until details were found on the deleted SHITWORKERS website.

KL February 27th 2000
with Aem Feat… / Fait-Accompli (Amid The Mimic w/o Pin) / Mass Separation / Love Me Butch / Odium / Prana / Sean Olsen / Seven Collar T-Shirt / This Is Your Enemy

at La Viva Carnival Pub, Ampang Park, KL

note: Organised by Winder. The Shitworkers DIDN’T PLAY due to last minute inclusion of Prana. Other bands who pulled out; Mass Separation & This Is Your Enemy.

Read the explanation:

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 1.42.17 PM

**looking at it now, it’s seems like one rash and harsh decision by us. it was the years of finding our bearings I guess; connecting back to DIY ideals, but probably a bit too over-the-top!

Joe Kidd


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