Sunday, 23rd April 2000 – The Shitworkers @ Punk//Hardcore//Peace Gig, LaViva Carnival, KL


KL April 23rd 2000


with Ravage / Aghast / Fast Game / System Blank/ Plea For Peace / Kamikaze .45

at La Viva Carnival, Ampang Park

note: Organised by Kamikaze 45’s Flo with about 200 kids. had great fun discovering Plea For Peace’s melodicism for the first time and Fast Game’s gung-ho old-school throwback.

Show was recorded on a walkman by Mang System Blank. This is the second day to the picnic, where we went to Ulu Yam for a dip.

Eigo + Daisuke were there. (can’t remember who they are now!)

Joe Kidd


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