Saturday, 17th March 2007: Stick It To The Man! – Stick Doom’s Birthday Party @ The Annexe


A birthday party for our good friend Stick (current sticksman for Ruin, also ex-Doom, ex-Extreme Noise Terror, ex-Zounds, and about 22 more influential UK punk bands since the mid-80s).

Other bands:

Apparatus: reigning most impressive Swedish-82 Raw-Punk/D-Beat masters! Stick played a whole set with the guys recently (with Apparatus drummer Yus shifted on 2nd guitar) and it was awesome!

Gasoline Grenade: A brand new band featuring Man & Pijan (from ISA and also Angkasawan Negara), Mirza (Relationsheep) and Joe (Hostile Disgrace) – one of the few grouping who love its melodic raw punk rock mixing Bad Religion, Propagandhi & I-Farm to the logical Malaysian conclusion! No website or MySpace just yet.

The Bebex: This is Indonesian folk-punk featuring current exile Bebe (ex-Black Boots!)

The Gergasi: Our American smelly-traveller friend Aaron with his shrunken acoustic guitar and mandolin too!

And more to come of course!

Be there! BTW, it’s donation-only BUT please make it RM10!!!

If you’re lost looking for The Annexe: click here

Joe Kidd


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