Saturday, 11th September 1993 @ Garfunkel’s Pub, Life Centre, KL

Did we play this show? Joe could recall being there, probably on stage, but not sure. He posted a story on his facebook on 22nd April to commemorate our friend Bernard Chong’s birthday.

“it was one of those mid-90s metal/punk show at one of the clubs at Life Centre, KL. My band were on stage playing, the club was full. it was getting rather rowdy. the organiser stepped out in the middle of our setlist and said that the venue’s manager is worried and asked the crowd to calm down, or he will call the police. the crowd murmured among them, but right at the back, on the high aisles, one voice shouted loud; “FUCK THE POLICE!!” and everyone joined in. That was this mild-mannered lawyer by day and drunken, red-faced sarcastic monster by night; one of the guys in our awesome multi-racial pub-crawl crew, the one and only Mr. Bernard Chong! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BOSS!!”

Turned out it was not “fuck the police” that was shouted. It was “fuck the press” – apparently because there were press people there and they were notorious at writing sensationalist articles about the scene, which in turn would get shows banned and such. Anyway, according to our friend Nick Mun it was a bunch of reporters from the Malay Mail, and that a story was featured in the paper a few days later, mentioning the press people being “abused”!

Nick also mentioned bands he recalled playing were LANGSUYR and PARASITE. But did we play?

Joe Kidd


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