Oh Seven! Gone To Heaven Pixs & Report

pix by Malik Yasin (facebook.com/amfyasin).


more pixs here soon

Joe Kidd


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2 Responses

  1. Joe Kidd says:

    hey lynn! good to hear from you. been wondering whatever happened to you guys. I see Ginette once in a while, especially when her band plays KL. It’s more like a hello and a grunt though, nothing lengthy. Do you know what happened to your drummer, Siti?

    As for the Dung, yeah we’re still going OK. Not much drama really. It’s me and Fendi still with some friends. Fendi’s married with one kid. I don’t know if you ever heard of this all-girl band Sinead O’Mine. Well, Fendi married the guitarist Fizzi. As for me, I have five cats!

    Our ex-vocalist Lee (who was singing for The Pilgrims and later joined us during the mid-90s) is now in Adelaide, with two kids, while original guitarist Pari is also there, starting a family. I am still hoping the two would get together and form a band!

    Our old singer (and later played 2nd guitar) Shahlan is around but not playing anymore. he comes around my shop on weekends, hanging out and listening to old punk rock.

    It’s good to hear from you. Do email me here: dungboy gmail dot com



  2. Lynn says:

    hey guyz,
    Remember me? Lynn Botak from Psycho Sonique. Dah lama tak jumpa the i come across this website and saw Joe,then i saw this pic i remember fendi. Apa khabar semua? I’m living in Australia now Gold Coast. Still listen to punk music but dah lama tak jam. I’am married got two boyz. Anak i pun ada mohawk.Keturunan punk.Hidup…

    Still good to know your band still active. Dah kahwin ke belum semua? Sekarang Lynn dah tak botak, rambut dah panjang sekarang. Relax pun tak relax jugak, me and my hubby still party hard.We love to go concert and music festival. Here more to surfing culture. Please keep in touch and good luck in everything and come down to Australia for holiday.

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