New Album On The Way Still!


Yesterday and last night (Sunday, April 6th) we all congregated at my house to record Tom’s guitar tracks on the nine songs we’ve recorded in June last year. Progress has been slow since we are all too caught up with work and stuff but the finishing line is inching closer.

At this point, we now need to record one or two more songs and also get Yandsen (and hopefully, Ah Tham) to record the skronking saxophone stuff we need. After that we will do mastering and get the sleeve art done. We are trying to do all that just before we leave for Java in May. Not much time there but we’ll try to make it.

Meanwhile, do listen to this rough mix of Aku Mau Jadi Anjing Mu, our version of The Stooges’ classic with our very own Malay comment on the scourge of the nation; the “ampu-man” or the “cable-guy” – those who elected themselves as business representatives of the (“close-one-eye”) politicians in power, currying favours for tenders and projects, greasing the hands of corruption and swimming in millions of dirty ill-gotten kickbacks.


This is the original recording done in June last year, so there’s still no tracks by Tom or Yandsen. Rough mix by Bullet on March 13th.

Aku Mau Jadi Anjing Mu

Aku memang kaki nyundal,
Cium pungkok, aku pakar!
Orang besar semua ku kenal
Call me Tan Sri Muka Tebal!

And now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog


Well Kamon!

Aku memang ada harga,
Mulut nganga, suap pulus,
Senang aku tutup mata,
Tanggung beres, jalan terus!

And now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog
Now I wanna be your dog


Well Kamon!


jammm! etc.

music: the stooges / lyrics: the dung (june 08)

Joe Kidd


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