Monday, 31st December 2007: Oh Seven! Gone To Heaven @ The Annexe



Mailed out sales pitch and post-gig comments:

This is an end-of-year bash for both the Bau-Bau Cafe and The Ricecooker Shop. We had an open air show on the Annexe’s balcony with these people playing (not listed in order):

Affable punk rock crew, dishing out street-wise socio-political observations, sometimes with a bit reggae and beery jazz in the mix.

Alak’s other band and they played really well that night, tight and reggae-ish.

Nice young people with very good table manners, that is if they are not too drunk lah. Expect warped and totally unrecognizable covers of ABBA and BONEY M. Well, I wish!

Along, Pat & Mad Yus came on after us and they killed! The guitar sound was non-existence so the bass and drums took over, and it was frickin’ loud and wild!

One of the most promising young singer-songwriters which hasn’t gone into all that flashy KL fine-dining and expensive beer circuit. Bring freshly laundered hankies!

Very mellow acoustic singer-songwriter thing, without the pretensions but full of life. Iwan is an amazing kid which would conquer the world, given a chance!

Yup, it’s a hurriedly put together crew by our new friends. Back in the UK, singer & guitarist Anne is playing with THE VENOM SEEDS, Dave drums for SKULL DISCO, while the bassist has never played bass before! Cool!

Anne and Dave told me they changed the name to THE FOURTH FLOOR ELEVATORS when they saw another band called The Flirts playing. Whatever the name used, they played well. Kinda garagey, bluesy minimal post-punk thing. Wished they could have played more songs.

related: |

The old farts will be back. No promises though, but if we do appear we’ll try to do a few new tunes you’ve never heard before. We are currently taking loads of vitamins, so tak lah semput!

I think we played six songs instead of four planned. The guitar had new strings on them and it was not broken-in proper so they kept going out of tune. Also forgot to announce Tom on guitar, that is until he joined in with the last song, before that I saw Atan of Dirty Dogs handling the other guitar on the side. It was massive fun though. People were standing on chairs, tables and railings. It was a pyramid of people around us. |

They were known once as Blister, now the name’s gone longer and there’s a nice all-smiling chick on keyboards. Swoonful melodies and swinging hips; indie-rock that will make you pop!

Dang! Too busy with stuff to sit and check out this one.

Newly minted punk rock superstars who have been playing more gigs than many bands 10 years older. Could they be the Hujan of DIY punk?

These guys played second last, must be round 2am and they played a long set, including two Marjinal covers and even the Internationale.

Old-school pop-rock/folk duo, one of the first to ditch the Top 40 pub circuit for a much more rewarding artistic pursuit. They have been DIY before you were born!

Apparently they are no longer called PASSION, that was their old unit. The more apt name would be SOFT TOUCH, but even that hasn’t been used much. Anyway, it was ol’ Peter Hassan Brown and Markiza doing the jaunty, pre-punk folky, pop-rock thing.

Damn fine young men with sensitive ears for melodies and rocking Bad Religious tunage. Lurked around for years but rarely seen in person. Men of mystery indeed.

Also missed this set.

Avant-Noise “ouch! me ears” wrecking crew. They turn farting into high-art! Not for the faint of heart.

Actually very good set by the guys. They swapped playing drums and blowing horns. And end up with Aziz spitting fire, twice!

Two handsome young boys with six-pack torsos who have a knack for covering the scene’s old classics; priming and taming the beasts for a “wider audience”! Very marketable.

An excellent set by the boys, with Iwan Tenderfist on tow. I remember them doing The Padres’ Beware Your Heart, ACAB’s Racial Hatred, Dung’s Oppression and DEP’s Nothing. There were more too. Hope it would not the last I saw them.

You know him already lah. I mean, even the nasty bouncers at the Zouk disco know him! A mighty star who brightens our lives with his witty mispronouncements!

Abroko didn’t play, but he was at the fore-front of the crowd, dancing away. | rogerkiethbarrett

Meor’s busker alumni and fellow territorial DBKL dodger. Basically Meor with a bigger bite!

Nik played quite late but he was great!

Young, fresh and full of pop!

Riotous pop-punk. They played last and went with a lot of tunage. I was getting tired and wanted to shut the show, but they went on and on. Anyway, it was good though.

old-school singer-songwriter/busker who knows more about the streets
of KL than DBKL themselves.

Meor didn’t turn up. (currently down?)

DEP (Dull Entertainment Programme)
Original indie-pop-punk collision from the then fertile Kuantan underground scene.

Very good to see DEP back on live again. Haven’t heard them old songs for ages. It sounded fresh and yes, we’ll see more of them. Kuantan’s Ya came and played bass.

(no site)

To be confirmed, as he’ll turn up if he can after playing with his current side-band (THE DESERTERS). Well known as the indie-rock god of Singapore.

Ben got stuck in a jam as he was coming over from Sunway where Deserters were playing, so he bailed out.

Will be at service if there’s time to spare. Started life as the frightening 667 – Neighbour of the Beast but now resigned to the fact that hitting perfect pitch is a fantasy.

Decided that they were too many acts on, so didn’t play.

(listen to one wee song: here)

Additional performers, via Hisham’s wishes:


Old-school, Anak Alam poetry. The man (deaf, by the way) has appeared on some films and the KL Malay art scene back in the late 70s and early 80s. Worked with big names such as M. NASIR and all that KEMBARA projects.

Four poems! And it was all good stuff.

(no site)


Ipoh indie-pop. Very young and quite unexperienced. The band and the songs are good stuff but the vocalist really needs work.


BAU_BAU MASSIVE! – Yup! There’s a disco happening upstairs at the ol’ cinema AKA ex-Liquid disko, organised by the Bau-Bau Massive! Bring your booty!

I didn’t go up to check out the disco at all. So at the moment, I don’t know how it was with that space.

Joe Kidd


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