Boo Hoo & Bucknaked: The Pari Remixes

A few days ago, our bassist Fendi stumbled upon a MySpace page done by Dung’s ex-guitarist Pari (aka Shahfari, who now lives in Adelaide, South Australia) and on there there are two of our old tunes (from the first album, Songs for Friends – 1993) tweaked and reworked into dance electronica pieces!

The MySpace page is actually the upcoming site for Pari and Lee’s new band The Twin Carburetors, but so far it only features Pari’s personal work; apart the two Dung songs, there’s also another tune from his post-Dung band Web; and two videos, including a Boo Hoo video which I’ve never managed to stream just yet.

Check it out here:

Anyway, you can listen to the two doofy Dung in electro mode and Pari singing here:

Boo Hoo Clapping Song – The Pari Remix!


Buck Naked – The Pari Remix!


Singalong to Buck Naked people!


Palefaced desire
Strip your pride and come with me!
Gotta take me higher
Bucknaked and screaming free!

Screaming! Free!

Won’t live forever
Break your chains and dance with me!
Come on feel my fire
Bucknaked and screaming free!

1993 – Carburetor Dung

Joe Kidd


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