Heading to the studio! Finally…

Tonight we are going to record two songs. It’ll be the first time we’ll be in a proper studio since 1998! What’s exciting is we are going to have the great Bullet on drums, instead of our current drummer, Apuk.

Bullet is an old friend, currently a successful businessman, who used to play for Punisher, Nemesis (in the bad old days of the early Malaysian underground scene of the mid-80s) and also with me and Fendi in our project band The Shitworkers. We had a lot of great time playing as The Shitworkers back in 2000, I think it was the best band me and Fendi ever had really.

Anyway, it’s pretty difficult to work with Apuk nowadays as he’s a very, very in-demand hired musician in the local music scene. Recently he played guitar for Blues Gang (Ito & Julian Mokhtar) at the Backroom! And I heard his other band Kuchalana is going to be the support band for the old local rock superstars, Search, again at the Backroom! Yup, Apuk is going big time, and yes, the best of luck to him from all of us.

Another reason why I’m all excited for tonight is because we are going to have local avant-garde guru Yin Pin (ex-Amid The Mimic), (ex-Moxuan) Yandsen and maybe (ex-Chong Yang) Ah Tham too, together with us in the studio! They are all going to contribute to one song we are recording, or maybe to both songs, we’ll see what happens.

All three of them are going to appear as Klangmutationen (Tham Kar Mun, Yandsen, Yeoh Yin Pin, Tan Kok Hui) at the Street Roar 2006 scheduled for the 7th of January at the KLPAC. Another bunch of friends going big time!

The two songs we gonna work on tonight are Mari Nyanyi Menjilat, which will be featured on the Radio Malaya compilation. And the other is Mata Buta, which will be donated to a Singaporean compilation benefitting the family of the recently hung Shanmugam Murugesu – this is a project by Lion City DIY.

I’ll bring a camera. Talk soon.

Joe Kidd


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