DUNG Updates – Jan/Feb 2013

We are getting into the second month of the new year and DUNG are facing quite a downtime for the next few months. First, our bassist Fendi is working on a TV shoot which would take him out of KL for every weekend from now til August! Secondly, Joe will prolly be off traveling around the region for his book research starting from July, while Bullet may intermittently go to a neighbouring country for months at a time for his new job.

All these personal projects left us with not much time to do DUNG stuff as needed. That said, we are now working on a four-song EP, trying to grab as much free time as we collectively have. At the point of noting this entry, we are almost done writing a new tune called Yr Righteous Fukk, a song about standing up for personal choices and freedoms in the face of intense dogmatic pressures and coercion.

The other three songs are (working titles): Big Dick Pete (about casual sexism in the real world), Nag (something about those conflicting voices in our head) and Take It How It Will (which shall be something about leaving clues and breadcrumbs for the curious to find out and chew for themselves).

The setting-up of KerbauWorks Studio by Manan, Bullet and Joe have been helping out DUNG a lot in our workings and plans. That said we still end up jamming at Tom’s workplace (The Greenhouse Studio) since it really does have a big room for us to rehearse.

Besides the EP (currently being called as “The Moolah EP”), there’s a plan to do a commemorative re-recording of our first album Songs For Friends, this is because 2013 is the 20th anniversary of that debut album of ours. Yes, it has been 20 years since we put out our first collection of songs. The project also suggested having bands we like covering the songs selected from the album, and we have asked a few close friends if they would be interested.

Other than that the band would love it if we could do a tour before July; but looking at the schedules everyone have for their personal projects, the chances are looking pretty slim. That said, we’ll work for it the best we can and see what will transpire.

Joe Kidd


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