A rough-mix of our new song: Yr Righteous Fukk!

One of the four songs we are working on for a new EP. A not-so-rough-play-play-mix version – recorded at KerbauWorks throughout Jan & Feb and loudly mixed by our drummer Bullet when one of his ears was blocked shut one late night Feb. 13th.

Yr Righteous Fukk!

Fire, fire, hell awaits!
This flesh and bones are mine to bake,
Skin me, skin me body bare,
Don’t you dare avert your stare.
Hoist me high your judgement stake,
Fling me down your depths of hate,
I will always be awake,
This the bed which I have made.

Damn your fire and damn your brimstones,
Fuck your judgement, to hell your dictum,
None of mine is yours for tender,
This is mine,
This is mine,
This is mine!

Alak – vocals, Fendi – bass, Joe – guitar, Tom – guitar, Bullet – drums, Manan – coffee, cigarettes & mempelam.

*song was written by Joe somewhere in May 2009

Joe Kidd


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