Who are The Abang Guard?


This is a small project featuring Carburetor Dung’s members, Joe Kidd & Bullet which started as a laugh around late June 2007. It’s all about experimenting with some ideas we have floating around for years, a band which would be driven by one part cynicism, one part exclamation marks and two parts enthusiasm.

It’s supposed to be a duo which would collaborate with friends on impromptu projects. The first friend we had in mind was Zai Kuning, a Singaporean sound-artist and enfant-terrible! Joe plans to play bass, with post-punk and dub reggae influences BUT he only played bass once before, playing with one-man Red Martian playing old The Cure covers many years ago.

Bullet is the most experienced of all of us, since he has been playing with a lot of different sort of musicians, including pop-stars back in the mid-90s. Meanwhile Zai has been performing all over the world with his multi-faceted projects, from making his own sound instruments to doing videos of the sea-people of the Riau Islands!

We hope to record these projects as time permits it.

Joe Kidd


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