La Tour TUA De Java 2008 Blog: Rocking The Ricecooker!


We were supposed to rehearse yesterday but everyone just gone off the rails basically, but today it finally happened! Yup, we were jamming right in The Ricecooker Shop!

Bullet brought in half a drum set from the ol’ Dreamwalk Studio (with no pedal just yet!), Fendi got a nice bass stack from our old rocker friend Mus May, Tom brought in a nice guitar amp from the studio he’s working with (the studio owner and my old flatmate, Eugene Novocaine came to watch) and I brought in my battered practice amp.

The three tables right in the middle of the shop were pushed to the wall and that created a nice space for us to whack through the tunes. We went through 21 songs, concentrating mainly on the ones we haven’t jammed together before. It was cool! It will save us hundreds of ringgits from going to a jam studio!




Today we also managed to get the remastered and extra-tracked The Allure of Manure rerelease to the press (thanks, Gulam!). This time we are just pressing 200 cassettes to bring with us to Indonesia, but we’ll get the CD version done once we got back.

Joe Kidd


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  1. azrISme says:

    salam…caya la korang g indon…punk not death…hahahaha

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