Sunday, 13th December 2009: Carburetor Dung Goes Acoustic @ Amnesty International’s Human Rights Day, The Annexe


Dung will be going acoustic for AI’s International Human Rights Day. Unlike what we’ve been doing before, this time we are hopeful that all in the band will be able to play, instead of just Joe & Alak on two acoustic guitars. Songs we’re planning to do includes The Gibran Song, a tune we wrote back in the mid-90s but never recorded which is about the death of compassion in the plight of the Palestinian struggle and refugees (influenced by the writings of Khalil Gibran).

AI’s website stated thus:

7.00 pm: Solidarity Night : Dari Rakyat Untuk Rakyat.

A Special Tribute to Human Rights Defenders by the artist of the Dari Rakyat Untuk Rakyat Project and Friends.

The Project, an independent initiative undertaken by singer songwriter Meor Yusof Izzidin and friends is best described as the first of is kind in the history of Malaysian folk music featuring various artists including Amin Iskandar & Mei Chern expressing the many various human rights and social justice issues in Malaysia. Also featured are social activist singer songwriters/band Carburetor Dung & Jerome Kugan, poet and artist Rahmat Haron and performance artist Khuber & Han


DUNG live photo posted by Adi Bambang Indra on Facebook 23rd April 2010.

DUNG live photo posted by Adi Bambang Indra on Facebook 23rd April 2010.

Joe Kidd


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