Sumbang – “That is the Dream”

That is the Dream is now available for download:

You can download the 128k mp3 version for FREE, or get the high-quality 320k mp3 (or higher bit-rates) for USD1.

go here!

Production Notes:

This song is written and recorded immediately on one quiet day at the house (4th of February 2007). It was done using a small stereo mike attached to a Sony Mini-Disc recorder (an old banged-up one, you can hear the whirring gears in the background).

The audio was then brought out into my computer, ripped and shared as a 96k mp3 file for two years on this page.

Today, I thought I should check out and test it out by building a Sumbang page there.

But before that I tweaked the recording a bit:

1. Leveled and mastered the song using T-Racks, just using the presets actually.
2. Brought it into another software, SoundSoap, to clean-up the hiss and the whirring noises.
3. Edit in fade-in and fade-out using SoundStudio.

I like Bandcamp so far, and if everything goes well with this experiment, Carburetor Dung will start sharing our tracks with you through it.


Joe Kidd


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