Saturday, 5th June 2010: The Abang Guard @ 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival 2010 in Kuala Lumpur


The Abang Guard suppose to play 15 minutes. It’s gonna be Joe & Bullet only.

The 3rd Pyongyang International Arts Festival 2010 in Kuala Lumpur is the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s (under the auspices of our Supreme Leader, Kim Jong-Il) generous demonstration of cultural good will towards Malaysia. We wish to further inculcate in our ‘younger sibling’ the glory of an autocratic state.

Through the medium of dance, video, performance art, music, we hope to share with the people of Malaysia, glorious works of art from the international second world. Besides featuring works from DPRK, this international festival will also feature a line up from China, Vietnam, and Cuba.

A special pavilion will host this event, utilising the latest and most innovative means of architectural non-interference in a dilapidated space, our Supreme Leader demonstrates his capacity as one of the world’s leading thinker in architecture by his subtle transformation of a derelict Malaysian shop house into a site of spectacle. Unlike capitalist rats such as Zaha Hadid who create disorientating ‘deconstructionist’ architecture that aim to crush and humiliate the human subject within its space, our Supreme Leader ennobles the space through non-interference and reflexive means, creating transparent frame that acknowledges the layers of accumulated history within a specific site as well as the dignity of mankind.

We would like to thank all parties involved in the aestheticisation of our political will.

Joe Kidd


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