Saturday 13th July 2002: World For Sale @ Elements Ampang

World For Sale Gig

Carburetor Dung / Relationsheep / Opprobrium Adornment / Fast Game / DOE / Friday the 13th / Hell Sister / Motorcross / Doctor Spin

Date: 13 July, 1pm
Tickets: RM13
Venue: Elements, 26 Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur. Tel: 2166 3460


A gig we didn’t managed to play. The police came halfway through the show and shut the whole thing down. They however didn’t drag anyone to the copshop or consficated the equipment. Apparently some businesses nearby (around the Ampang Park area) were getting nervous due to the many punks & skins milling around the area, and they called the police!

Beside us the other bands who coldnn’t play were Relationship, Opprobrium Adornment (the brother of one of the band members was the co-organiser for the show) & Fast Game.

As for Dung, we were excited at the chance to play this gig since it had been a while since we played. A few nights before the show we recruited Panther on drums and Meny on 2nd guitar and we were jamming somewhere in Taman Tun. We were hanging out drinking nearby when we saw the police cars.

Joe Kidd


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