Re-activating the DUNG: Two Shows in January 2017.


After more than a year of self-imposed exile from any sort of activity, DUNG is gearing up for a bit of action in January 2017. We have been invited for two shows. And we accepted.

January 7th 2017


Something which we rarely do, playing with metal bands! and it’s gonna be great because our old chums from the early days of the scene BRAINDEAD will be sharing the stage with us, along with a band we admire HUMILIATION, a hardworking crew which has been touring Europe for years. And more..

January 25th 2017


A show with one of the bands who made us, and MDC is still inspiring us to this day. Along with them our friends from Texas, THE ELECTED OFFICIALS and a band from the UK, THE RESTARTS. Tom’s other band THE BOLLOCKS will also be playing. Should be a great night!


Our planned next release, a solo one-sided flexi to be released in Singapore was cancelled and turned into a split-7″ with our friends LC93, but after many months, that too was put aside. So DUNG has decided to release it ourselves, with the help of Tandang Records. We will start working on it in December 2016.


Joe Kidd


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