Our first album, Songs For Friends rereleased without our consent or knowledge!


Two weeks ago a journalist friend from a national newspaper called and asked me if I knew that InterGlobal Music (a new music label and distribution company set up by people who used to run PonyCanyon Malaysia) has released a double-CD featuring Carburetor Dung’s first album Songs For Friends! I didn’t know anything about it, none of us knew!

The album which was recorded and released by Valentine Sound Productions (aka VSP) back in 1993, apparently has been paired with recordings done by The Pilgrims when they were signed un PonyCanyon. It’s double-CD with the title “The Pilgrims Meet Carburetor Dung”. “The cover looks like some cheap mat rock CD!,” said my jounalist friend.

And so I called up the InterGlobal people and they said that they bought the rights to rerelease the album through somebody in VSP. Is VSP still going? I heard that the company has changed the name or something. That Dung recording rights is owned by VSP BUT the songs are all ours! So they have rereleased it without our consent and even our knowledge! Now we are trying to get to talk to the people from VSP and see what’s up. I think the band deserves to be compensated, some royalty money and publishing.

Anyway, I have been gong to some record stores looking for the CD but still failed to find them. I should look harder next time.

Whatever it is, if you find it, remember that the band is not being paid a single sen from this release. If you have a copy, rip it up into mp3s, zip it up and put on the net for free download!




BTW: there’s a review by some clueless journalist in The Star here

Joe Kidd


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12 Responses

  1. Joe Kidd says:

    Download boss, jangan tak download! VSP dah lama mampos.

  2. itik says:


    come on…threaten kids out there not to download it?

    Single cent pun C.dung tak dapat dari “penjualan” album tersebut

  3. VSP says:


  4. razlan says:

    ya link masih hidup. TQ for the rip. CD – i played Songs For Friends whenever i miss Malaysia while studying in UK from 1995 to 98.

  5. azwar says:

    a ha ha ha. link masih aktif setakat ari ni. ho ho happy downloading. yeah

  6. twenty-six says:

    boss..untuk guna free RapidShare klik yang free user laa..cuma ade wait time sahaja..

    link tu masih hidup

  7. DJ Wai says:

    alamak bro.. rapidshare tu pon kena bayar la beb.. kalau RM ok gak.. carburetor dung insyaAllah kalu ader kat sekitar JB aku info korang… KeADILan utk semua!!!

  8. twenty-six says:

    Yr welcome

    it’s our pleasure…

  9. Joe Kidd says:

    hey hey! thanks boss!!

  10. twenty-six says:

    “Whatever it is, if you find it, remember that the band is not being paid a single sen from this release. If you have a copy, rip it up into mp3s, zip it up and put on the net for free download!”

    we answered the calls…

    The Pilgrims Meets Carburetor Dung (CD1)
    01. The Pilgrims – Churaliya Deko Abto
    02. Carburetor Dung – Boo Hoo Clapping Song
    03. The Pilgrims – Can’t Help Falling In Love
    04. Carburetor Dung – Don’t Know
    05. The Pilgrims – Pilgrims The Regions
    06. Carburetor Dung – Labour of Hate
    07. The Pilgrims – Lawgiver Supremacy
    08. Carburetor Dung – Carburetor Dance
    09. The Pilgrims – Nasty Pit
    10. Carburetor Dung – Slam Safe Today
    11. The Pilgrims – Red Cab Co Ltd
    12. Carburetor Dung – Property Properly
    13. The Pilgrims – Hallamanleendah
    14. Carburetor Dung – Jump Down Lemonade
    15. The Pilgrims – Generation K
    16. Carburetor Dung – You’re A Problem (Not A Solution)
    17. The Pilgrims – Runaway
    18. The Pilgrims – My Own Mind

    The Pilgrims Meets Carburetor Dung CD2
    01. The Pilgrims – Streets Party
    02. Carburetor Dung – Song For A Friend
    03. The Pilgrims – Sweet Revenge
    04. Carburetor Dung – Farewall
    05. The Pilgrims – Craked Pack
    06. Carburetor Dung – Liar
    07. The Pilgrims – Envy
    08. Carburetor Dung – Cruel Blue Van
    09. The Pilgrims – Da Capo
    10. Carburetor Dung – Bucknaked
    11. The Pilgrims – Perfume Garden
    12. Carburetor Dung – Oppresion
    13. The Pilgrims – Dream On
    14. The Pilgrims – Marbles
    15. The Pilgrims – Celebrating Mother
    16. The Pilgrims – Fear Of Flowers
    17. The Pilgrims – Grief
    18. The Pilgrims – Fallin’ Down All Over


  11. ixbal says:

    aku ada jumpa CD ni kat Kompleks PKNS Shah Alam. Tak silap aku sama baris dengan Carburetor Dung’s Song For Friends CD. Dah lama aku tengok, masa tu aku saja2 round kat kompleks masa kau datanng ke artport dgn hishamuddin rais dan lain2.

    Aku ingatkan memang korang rerelease kan…

  12. mohd JAYzuan says:

    ask for the royalty, nanti hang bole belanja kami makan besar!! yay!!

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