Inginku Rejam 10″ – Review #02

The second review we found for the Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″, this time from PLASTIC BOMB Fanzine in Germany as posted on their site HERE, dated Dec 28th 2011.

According to Google Translate:

“Exotic punk / hardcore from Malaysia! And what … what?! The band has its own style. The pieces have a very good sound, what is this area of boards from Asia can not always assume. And the songs are really good. Angry, pissed off, but sometimes full of manic and destructive to the sense of cool rhythms, specific tempo changes and catchy. Some songs make me even memories of old Washington, DC Hardcore. This band is something special. These are 8 songs (7 in Malay!) On a colored plate (white, orange or white with orange splashes, lyric sheet (in English) and download code. All round lovely publication with a penchant for details. Because I know that there are many among our readers who are on Exoten-Punk/Hardcore, I have the 10 “just added to our mail order program – ( – Micah / PLASTIC BOMB in the shop”


Joe Kidd


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