Inginku Rejam 10″ – Review #01

The first review we had for the Inginku Rejam Raksasa Kejam 10″ from UNDERDOG Fanzine in Germany as appeared on their site HERE, dated Dec 21st 2011.

According to Google Translate:

“CARBURETOR DUNG come from Kuala Lumpur to play in changing cast since 1991 in the Malaysian underground. Fendi and Joe Kidd are the founding fathers and characterize the 80’s mark HC Negative Approach, Crucifix, the lospoltert angry and straight, simple and succinct riffs and has compensated for the anger and frustration over the political and social conditions. We are individuals, I’ma punk, all fucked up, I’m terrorized, just say good bye and the! Clear simple slogans and messages are carved out of here, the communication is based on simple content and wording. CARBURETOR DUNG provide the starting point in an expressive campaign that puts any new trends, but convincing arguments yields: Everything’s the same, boring! Everything is shit, all caustic! Specific objectives, nihilism and explosive tensions are filtered through the action plan has been achieved: improvement of social disadvantage, prospects for young people from underprivileged backgrounds, social work and political freedom. CARBURETOR DUNG everyday act with respect and are committed to have the cultural and historical identity.”

Until we get somebody to translate the German proper, that’s what we have. Seems positive from this angle! Hahahaha!

Joe Kidd


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