Friday, 24th December 2004: John Peel Tribute Show @ Paul’s Place

Lemang Music Presents: The John Peel Tribute show
Venue: Paul’s Place (see attached map)
105M, Mezzanine Floor, Jalan SS21/1A, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Coming together to bid “So long and thanks for all the tuna” to the irascible John Peel:

Carburetor Dung
Spunky Funggy
360 Degree Head Rotation
Private Whizz

Start Time: 8pm
Entrance: RM 10.00


a pix from Rafil of 360DHR, as posted on his facebook, Oct. 9th 2015.








all pixs by I-Lann

post note: We had a dancer with us that night, and he was awesome! he’s an actor, dancer, musician, singaporean etc. the name’s Gene Sha Rudyn, go his site here: GENE and his band is called sixTnine. An excellent guy everybody should meet! Anyway, after his impromptu but highly volatile and intense performance with us, he was so tired and out of it, he almost pengsan!!! It was a fun night but funnily enough we didn’t bring the video-cam…

I grew up listening to John Peel on the shortwave radio band since I was 15 years old and he’s instrumental in introducing me a hell lot of great bands and great music, in whatever genre. he helped me open up my taste to whatever’s out there, as long as it’s real and good. I actually have a scar on my left hand, the result of being beaten with a rattan by my school’s discipline teacher. He caught me ponteng PE one day. I was listening to John Peel.

for more on John Peel, go here: John Peel @ BBC

Joe Kidd


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