December 1994 – THE SHITWORKERS – Resistant to Noise @ Lost Paradise, Tanjung Bungah, Penang

*we need more info and a flyer for this. if you reading have any info do drop a comment.

DUNG’s first project band THE SHITWORKERS played our first show in Penang either late ’93 or early ’94.

note from The Shitworkers’ deleted website:

Penang December 1994

with Acid Rain (pre-Nazi version!), I Against I and many more we forgot! at the old beach house besides Lost Paradise

note: organised by Vinh (ex-Dish, now Vertical Speed), featured a lot of early KLHC bands, also Acid Rain with Henry on vocals (years later the band turned into a Nazi punk crew). Played underneath this old house’s verandah with planks from some old beds as foundation! Had two bonfires on the sides and people watching from the edge of the waterline. The Shitworkers played our only two songs at the time – UGLY and TOO TOUGH. The set was recorded on two walkmans. FENDI – vocals, JOE – guitar, AMI – bass & MAS – drums.

note from DISASTER FUNHOUSE’s bio on their deleted site:

First Show: (Left Bungalow House) Batu Ferringgi beach, Penang, 1994 with Voice Out, Cramp Mind, Shit Workers, Dish, etc

“we did our first show in the end of year ’93 in a left big chalet house on the beach side of Batu Feringgi, Penang; together with the early Acid Rain, Dish, Chronic Mass, Voice Out, Cramp Mind, Shitworkers, Carburator Dung, etc.”

If this is the show DF is talking about then it’s NOT 1993, but late 1994. Also, as far as we can remember, DUNG didn’t play this show; unless DF is talking about the other show we played at Batu Feringgi, where it was shut-down by the police.

As mentioned, we need more info about this one. Thanks in advance.

Joe Kidd


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  1. pakdin acidrain says:

    Acid Rain is not a NAZI band from the beginning of existence until now… We are not promote any racial hatred ideology…

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