The Allure of Manure Recording Report! Dec 1998

Excerpts of Dung’s letter for our friend Ben in London, Dec 1998:

LEE: Hai, this is Lee. We just finished recording. First day, we didn’t get the guitar sound and spent 4 hours turning the knob. 2nd day,all of us got food poisoning. 3rd day, fever, cough and still food poisoning (the studio air-cond is like a winter without snow!) and I couldn’t sing right. 4th day, we lost 65% of our voice and the 5th day, somebody broken into our house while we were recording and stole 2 video decks and left everything untouched including Fendi’s borrowed bass…life is great, right?

FENDI: ahah! it’s fendi here. at the moment i’m jobless.

JOE: We here are all happy and rather excited with the new recording we made. It’s way better than anything we’ve come out with for years! At the moment we are scared shitless that the recording would sound too “nice”, so we are on a mission to fuck it all up!! We’ll be mixing it up this coming Thursday, so before that we’ll have to do a bit of research on keping the recording raw – which is funny in a way because all these digital recordings really do force upon you “clean” sound! I mean, you can’t escape it anymore!!

Joe Kidd


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