Sunday, July 18th 2004: New song recorded!

Early this morning, we recorded a song properly for the first time since Allure of Manure in 1998! It was done at Bakri’s studio in Sri Hartamas, from midnight till about 4am.

We did our very own take on Hijrah’s never-properly-recorded song Johnny (from the 1990 A Pilgrimage to Nowhere demo). Since the original recording actually didn’t have proper lyrics (Lee improvised on the original), we wrote our own and its in Malay. Anyway, we like the result and we’ll mix it later today.

The song is recorded for the upcoming compilation from the Coalition Zine gang in Terengganu; featuring bands doing songs by the early version of The Pilgrims/Hijrah. If everything goes well, it’ll be out very-very soon.


At the moment we have about 15 new songs to be selected for a split with Kuchalana. This will be recorded in August. After that we will work on a full album which we already have about 10 songs lined up

Joe Kidd


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