Saturday, 27th March 2004 – March Mosh @ Tekno Disko Dutt, Ipoh



Kuchalana, Free Love, M.U.Z.E., F.O.R., & Oddstar 13

4pm, RM 15 + free soft drink @ Tekno Disko Dutt, No. 18/20, Tingkat 1, Jalan Che Tak 30300 IPOH (behind ESSO Petrol Station, Pekan Baru).

*during this show Alak stage-dived while one of the bands played and knocked himself out cold! We had to carry him down the stairs to the curb outside for fresh air. He recovered after a splash of water and soon enough we played a whole set with no problem. The odd thing was, when we were on the bus coming back to KL, he asked Joe; “did I sing?” – he completely forgot what happened and only after we shown him pictures of the show he could recall. Weird shit.

Joe Kidd


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