Related Bands & Projects

Through out the years, members of Dung are known to be a part of other bands and projects, here’s the current list:


Our singer Alak’s other band, which has been around since before he joined Dung and still going active. Pusher’s main artery is ’77-punk updated with other elements, including street-punk, reggae, drunken-jazz grooves and more.

Pusher @ MySpace


This is Tom’s legendary band who created the local DIY precedent back in mid-90s by putting out the cassette Revolution, which was recorded for pittance and then sold on cassettes for RM3.00! That tape opened up the doors for a lot of kids.

The Bollocks is still around, after a long lull in the late 90s. The sound has also changed from the boisterous UK82-influence to the current epic crust outlook.

The Bollocks @ MySpace


Joe’s solo acoustic project. Been around for a few years, played a few gigs and been trying to record a full length. Influences range from Iwan Fals, Gombloh to Dylan, Damian Jurado and The Red House Painters.

Sumbang Notes


Joe & Bullet’s project of undistinct musical themes; from meandering drums and bass guitar jams to collaborations with people we admire. Played a couple of impromptu gigs and planning soundtracks for film projects.

The Abang Guard Notes